The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

A reaction to the continuing incursion of Christmas into Autumn and Halloween, CREEPMAS is a good-natured chance for Halloween lovers to exact revenge by bringing some spooky good cheer into the holidays or, more appropriately, the Hallowdays

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Krampus Bless Us, One and All

That's a wrap for the first annual 13 Days of Creepmas, and WOW, it was amazing! It's going to take another 13 days to catch up on what everybody posted! Thank you everybody that participated and supported this fledgeling venture, and we're absolutely going to do it again next year!

Our good friends over at The Cult of the Great Pumpkin will keep the Creepmas coals stoked until 2012, posting Halloween and spooky goodies and tidbits all year long via the website, Twitter and Facebook. Next November, they'll post reminders about Creepmas 2012 and, of course, a post will go up right here and over at the AEIOU... and sometimes why blog. Speaking of which, head over there for a closing Creepmas greeting from Creepmas' creator Dex and a tasty final spooky treat...

So whatever holiday you may celebrate this time of year, here's hoping it's Merr--, no. Here's hoping it's AWESOME!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

FEARnet's Horrific Holiday Gift Guide has put together a terrorific holiday gift guide for the Creep who has everything - Here are a few of them...
This Is Spinal Tape
Stacking Skeleton Espresso Cups
Zombie Back Scratcher

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Collected Creepmas Cross-Sampled Coolness

Here are some of the super-cool things the Creepmas Creeps are posting on their blogs. Click images to go see the full posts.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Creepmas Etsy!

Looking for that perfect handmade Creepmas gift or decoration? Look no further than Search for "Spooky Christmas", "Creepy Christmas" and Scary Christmas. Here are some of the cool things you'll find:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Creepmas Movies

So now that we're in the 13 Days of Creepmas, you might find yourself looking for something appropriate to watch on a chilly December evening. The most obvious choice, of course, is The Nightmare Before Christmas - that's a no-brainer. Here are a few other suggestions to help you get your Creep on - and if you have any other picks, post them in the comments!

RARE EXPORTS : New out of Finland, this is one of the best movies I've seen in the last few months, and it's destined to become a Creepmas favorite for any Creep that sees it!

SINT, aka SAINT, aka SAINT NICK : A new horror film that depicts St. Nicholas as a murderous bishop who kidnaps and murders children when there is a full moon on December 5. Another foreign offering, this film has a USA DVD release date of December 20, 2011.

A CADAVER CHRISTMAS : It was inevitable that somebody would make a zombie Christmas movie. Luckily, this one looks pretty good!

GREMLINS : Already a Creepmas Classic, and one of the films that inspired the MPAA to create the PG-13 rating!

TALES FROM THE CRYPT - AND ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE : Part of the Tales from the Crypt 1972 anthology movie, then remade as the second episode of HBO's excellent series Tales from the Crypt, this is another Creepmas Classic. On Christmas Eve, a greedy wife kills her husband for his insurance money and is then visited by a hideous serial killer dressed as Santa Claus, forcing her into a terrifying cat and mouse game for survival. You'll never hear the phrase "Naughty or nice?" the same way again!

BLACK CHRISTMAS : The original 1974 film helped establish the slasher genre (it preceded Halloween & Friday the 13th); the much-maligned 2006 remake? Meh.

SANTA'S SLAY : This ridiculous movie starring Bill Goldberg as a 'roided out, murderous Santa never takes itself seriously (how could it?), and is a lot of fun to watch!

SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT : I'm ashamed to say I've never actually seen this notorious splatterfest (I'll rectify that soon!), but it warrants inclusion here by reputation alone.

There are a number of Christmas slasher movies from the '70's & '80's including Christmas Evil, Don't Open 'Till Christmas, To All a Good Night, Silent Night, Bloody Night and others. The 90's gave us Jack Frost and Santa Claws. There are also notably creepy Christmas episodes of some of the best animated shows of the last 20 years, including Invader Zim (The Most Horrible Christmas Ever), South Park (Woodland Critter Christmas), Futurama (Xmas Story) and The Venture Brothers (A Very Venture Christmas), but you'll have to hunt those down yourself!

While searching for links for this post, I came across a fun Christmas movie/horror mashup video page from

Merry Creepmas from Darth Vader, Freddy, Jason, Chuckie, Dracula and Other Monsters...

Christmas Nightmares

While this is the first year for The 13 Days of Creepmas, it's no secret that horror and The Holidays have been a popular hybrid for years. For example: Christmas Nightmares, started last year and expanding this year. Further evidence that this idea is long overdue! 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 13 Days of Creepmas Are HERE!

Creepmas 2011 by SinisterVisions, a photo set on Flickr
Welcome to Day One of the 13 Days of Creepmas! At the moment, we have 55 blogs participating, listed for your perusing pleasure on the right.

To kick things off, I've posted a photo set of my Creepmas Scarecrows and Creepmas Tree on Flickr, and Monster Mashup / Paul Cheekyboy have put together a fantastic musical mashup EP just for us! Get it FREE at! I can't wait to see what the rest of you are doing on your blogs! MERRY CREEPMAS, EVERYBODY!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Only 3 Days 'til CREEPMAS!

Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Aren't those goth club nights? Well, doesn't matter, they're all but behind us now, and now it's time for CREEPMAS! If you're interested in participating, it's not too late!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crazy Christmas Postcards from 1955

Hey there Hallowday Haunters! If you had at least one eyeball on this year's Countdown to Halloween, you may have seen artist Brad McGinty offering up his Halloween ode to the Mars Attacks! trading cards as seen here.

He's back with some crazy Christmas postcards, that I'll think you'll agree, would be well received by any Creepmas celebrant. Click on the image below to visit his site to read the ingenious tale of how these devilish delights found their way from 1955 to him. And Brad's such a cool guy if you order some cards from him, he'll send you an original sketch too!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Countdown to Creepmas: Hallowday Music

Rather than wait until the 13 Days of Creepmas to suggest music to haunt your Hallowdays, I thought it'd make sense to post a little early so you can get the music discussed in this post and have it ready to go on December 1st!

Following are some tried-and-true creepy Christmas tunes that will be old news to some of you, and a joyous discovery for others. Click the titles/cover art to get them.

If you have ideas/links for other similarly spooky Hallowday music, post'em in the comments!

Kris Knight's lovely piano renditions of holiday classics with a decidedly macabre flair.

The Crypt Keeper shows his Hallowday Spirit with these 15 Christmas SCARE-ols. Long out of print, Vinnie Rattolle has made it available for your listening displeasure!

Disney produced a number of NBC-styled Christmas Scarols for their annual conversion of the Haunted Mansion into Jack Skellington's Hallowday Playground. These tracks were released as part of a much larger CD set from Disney years ago, and you may be able to scare them up in some of the sketchier parts of the web, but Vinnie Rattolle has 16 minutes of the music and dialogue HERE.

Last year, the Universal Horror Sounds blog put out a great, downloadable spooky Hallowday mix, and it's still available!
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Give us your favorite Creepmas music picks in the comments!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Tom "Monsterfink" Krohne made some really cool CREEPMAS badges for you to use!
KRAMPUS Badge by Tom Krohne - 150 px Wide - Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

KRAMPUS Badge by Tom Krohne - 200 px Wide - Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Santa Badge by Tom Krohne - 150 px Wide - Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Santa Badge by Tom Krohne - 200 px Wide - Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Reindeer Badge by Tom Krohne - 150 px Wide - Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Reindeer Badge by Tom Krohne - 200 px Wide - Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

How to Participate In CREEPMAS!

Participation in The 13 Days of Creepmas is easy! Following the methodology of the Countdown to Halloween, The 13 Days of Creepmas is open to any blog that posts spooky content from December 1 - 13. While the primary focus is on permuted and subverted holiday imagery and traditions (i.e., giving Christmas the Jack Skellington treatment), Creepers (blogs who sign up) are welcome to post *any* spooky material to qualify as participants. The main thing is to bring that Halloween Spirit into the first 2 weeks of December, just as every store in America has brought Christmas into October.

If you'd like to add your blog to the festivities, either leave a comment or tweet the Cult of the Great Pumpkin (they're helping us out with this) with your blog link. Easy peasy! See the previous post for web graphics/code to add to your blog.

The usual disclaimers apply: No porn, no hate, no idiocy. This is about how YOU are getting creepily creative for the Hallowdays, not how you can ruin it for somebody else. Any blogs found to be engaging in or promoting sabotage, vandalism, etc. will be removed.

CREEPMAS Badges for Your Site!

There may be more to follow, but for now, grab the code at the size you need and help spread the word that you, too, are a Creepmas CREEP!
200 px Wide - Just Copy and Paste the following html code:
150 px Wide - Just Copy and Paste the following html code:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Declare Yourself

While graphics are being created and a system worked out for this website and Creepmas in general, comment on this post to declare your interest in being part of CREEPMAS, and, of course, "Join this site" on the top right, there.

As AEIOU suggested, we're going to follow Countdown to Halloween's format, and it's going to be The 13 Days of Creepmas. Stay tuned, Creeps! Get ready for Happy Hallowdays!

We're Marshalling Our Forces...

Stay tuned while we figure this thing out. In the meanwhile, read THIS.