The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

A reaction to the continuing incursion of Christmas into Autumn and Halloween, CREEPMAS is a good-natured chance for Halloween lovers to exact revenge by bringing some spooky good cheer into the holidays or, more appropriately, the Hallowdays

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crazy Christmas Postcards from 1955

Hey there Hallowday Haunters! If you had at least one eyeball on this year's Countdown to Halloween, you may have seen artist Brad McGinty offering up his Halloween ode to the Mars Attacks! trading cards as seen here.

He's back with some crazy Christmas postcards, that I'll think you'll agree, would be well received by any Creepmas celebrant. Click on the image below to visit his site to read the ingenious tale of how these devilish delights found their way from 1955 to him. And Brad's such a cool guy if you order some cards from him, he'll send you an original sketch too!

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